As I sat in Chairman Larry’s warm and gracious home this week, attending a planning meeting of our international service committee, I reflected on what a long and productive journey our club has had in Rotary and in Service.

While Thanksgiving celebrates a historic but single meal that preceded a long-lasting and sad conflict between two peoples and Chanukah celebrates a temporary victory with limited and not necessarily positive results, the work our our club in contrast has had truly incredibly positive and long-lasting impact.

Consider that our club has restored boats to the use of the community, revived the fortunes of at-risk youth, connected nearly homeless families to services they were otherwise reluctant to use, strengthened the Lake Union Ambassador Program, created a desperately needed Braille Library in Kathmandu, provided musical instruments to abused children in Haifa, and had our vision for clean water for all children in Kathmandu embraced by Charity:Water. This last item means that ALL children in Kathmandu will likely soon have clean water because Lake Union and Vashon Rotary insisted on supporting and proving that it could be done.

And now, to lead a club, whose international committee can sit in a living room and ask, realistically, how can our club partner with the Rotary Foundation this year to change our world profoundly for the better? For this I am truly thankful.

I am so grateful to be part of a club of such extraordinary achievement and the promise of more to come.

Enjoy, celebrate and see you on December 5th (previously I missated that it was the 6th) aboard the Virginia V to party some more. Please forward the the flyer sent by Isabella to all of your friends!

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