My project partner, Larry Logue, and I started our day in Addis Ababa with a visit to the local office of our Seattle-based NGO partner, Splash International. A highlight was getting to talk to the three trainers hired locally to implement our hygiene training across the schools in our project. One of the trainers shared that our grant’s hygiene curriculum will be integrated into the Addis Ababa Bureau of Education’s system wide curriculum, helping with the long term sustainability of our initiative.

We also visited the Addis Ababa West Rotary Club’s weekly meeting to discuss our project. For every Rotary global project there needs to be a host club providing support and “boots on the ground.” It was great to see how a different club operates, and I exchanged our club’s flag with the Addis Ababa Rotary Club President as a sign of inter-club friendship.

Finally we visited two more schools who are a part of our clean water project. Both schools serve large populations in areas with water shortages. This disparity means that we need to provide storage tanks which will collect water during the few days a week when water is available. Our project also provides booster pumps and filtration systems, so that the water flows easily and is safe for the kids to drink. Hearing from the school leadership about the difference in water supply and quality before and after our project was an eye-opener into the potential for our clean water process to expand to other needy schools in the area.

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