Today was our last full day in Ethiopia. We joined forces with our three Addis Ababa West Rotary Club team leads to visit the Addis Ababa Bureau of Education. During our meeting with their director of curriculum, we discussed our project results and opportunities for selecting schools for our second grant round. The director confirmed the need for safe water across all the public schools in Addis Ababa and the good work Splash and Rotary are doing. Our partner Addis Ababa West also provides funding for feeding programs in local schools, so the opportunity to meet with the education bureau gave them a POC and chance to brainstorm project improvements. We wrapped up our time with the three local Rotarians by revisiting our school Miazia 23, so that they could see the project implementation.

After all of our business, we decided to have some fun. We went up to Entoto, a famous lookout point in Addis, where Emperor Menelik had his palace and private church (see picture below). Both of us then roamed down the hill for a shopping spree. We had fun haggling for goods ranging from table cloths to paintings. We wrapped up the day with a cultural dinner show featuring dances from all the different regions of Ethiopia — oh and a lot of “taj” or honey mead 😉

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