In addition to providing the drinking fountains and handwashing stations, our club and Splash also support hygiene training in local schools. Larry and I started off the day by traveling with Splash to Salyesh Primary School to see one of the trainings in action.

Our grant provides training to about 26 students and three focal teachers in each school, who then form a Health & Hygiene Club and train the rest of the student body on their own. Teachers teaching teachers gives Splash’s trainers more time to visit other schools, increasing aggregate impact. The trainings cover many different hygiene topics, but the main topics are menstrual hygiene and handwashing. I was pleased to see that for the menstrual hygiene training, all the boys are required to participate, which is not always the case back home. They have to learn about the reasons girls get their periods, the role of pads and tampons in sanitation, proper disposal, etc.

After touring the installations at Salyesh, our team met with Henock, the President of Addis Ababa Mella Rotary Club. His club has a passion for health & hygiene issues so he hopes to partner with us on future projects in Ethiopia. One project of interest is cleaning up a local polluted river, which could be a good match for us since our club typically does water related projects. After all, we are the only Rotary Club in the world that meets on the water!

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