How to become a member

How to become a member

We are always seeking energetic people to  members to join our club and our members to help advance our service projects locally and internationally.

Who are our members and who are we looking for?

Our members are a diverse group who bring a wide range of professional experiences to our club.  We have non-profit leaders, small business entrepreneurs, and professionals from big and small companies alike. We have members that are lawyers and others that are interior designers.  We have people who have been working for 30 years and those just starting their career.  We do share a couple traits, we all work to advance Lake Union Rotary’s service projects.  We all like the laid back nature of our club where you are as likely to find a member in shorts or cycling attire as you are to find them in a suit and tie. We all like to have a good time as well as evidenced by our monthly Happy Hour’s For Good.

Come by and join us for one of our regular meetings or a Happy Hour and introduce your self. We would love to get to know you and introduce you to our club.

What is required to join the Lake Union Rotary Club?

Step 1 - Get to know Lake Union Rotary

We request that potential members attend at least three of our meetings and/or one of our Happy Hour’s for Good to get to know the club.  We find that we are most successful when we get to know our potential members and our potential members get to know us.   Check out our Calendar of events to see whats coming up.

Step 2 - Meet with Membership Chair

Following attending three meetings, we ask that prospective member meet with our Club President or Membership Chair for a one on one meeting to discuss their membership.  We would like to discuss with you why you would like to join and what parts of our club you would like to get involved in.

Step 3 - Download the Membership Application (CLICK HERE)


Step 4 - Submit membership application & $100 application fee

Once you have visited the club three times, met with club president and  completed the membership application you will submit the application along with a membership fee of $100.   The club will then have several weeks to consider your application before the Board of Directors votes on your application.

What are the commitments of joining the Lake Union Rotary Club? 

Time Commitments  Lake Union Rotary Club meets most friday mornings from 7:15 to 8:30 AM at the Center for Wooden Boats.  It is expected that you will attend the majority of meetings…. and you will want to between the excellent speakers, the amazing location, the tasty breakfast and the great company… there is no reason not to.

We also request that all club members take an active role in one of our committees.  These include our international service, and local community service committees. These committees will allow you to participate (locally or even travel abroad) to help ensure that our service projects are successful.

Happy Hours for Good are held one Thursday a month from May through October as an alternative to our regular meetings.  These fun happy hours are a great way to get to know your fellow club members but also as a way to support some of the great non-profits in our community.


Financial Commitments
  • $100 – One time Membership Application Fee
  • $80 Monthly Meeting Fee charged to your credit card or checking account  – (or $960 annual billed to your company)
  • $100 Rotary Foundation donation annually in November

The total annual financial commitment is around $1100 per member.

Please note that Lake Union Rotary offers a limited number of scholarships at the discretion of the board.  These scholarships are granted for members that are in an entrepreneurial start up, a small non-profit, or in a position that the financial burden would preclude them from joining.  If you are interested in becoming a member but are worried about the financial commitment please talk with our membership chair about your particular situation.





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