Request support for your project

Lake Union Rotary supports projects that focus on clean water, hygiene, sanitation, at-risk youth, homelessness and job creation.  If your request falls into anyone of these categories, chances for consideration are high.   As a prerequisite for funding, you will need to find a member of our club to sponsor your request and possibly schedule a short presentation about your project.  Depending on the size of the project, our typical contribution is $500 to $2000.  We lead and participate in projects both locally as well as globally.

Our grant committee reviews applications quarterly & makes recommendations to our board quarterly.
We favor projects that are sustainable and leverage our contribution dollars via Rotary grants and corporate matches.

For District 5030 DDF grants, our grant review committee needs the application filled out by Aug 15 to make the Sept 15 deadline.

Other grants are evaluated throughout the year.  In addition to filling out our application, please attach your Rotary grant documents and any other information that you feel is important for evaluating your request.  Please note that we do not fund individuals and disqualify requests that discriminate or contain undisclosed conflicts of interest. More parameters for funding can be found in the grant application document below.

Lake Union Rotary Grant Application 2017-18

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